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CryptoStratium is an independent platform established to  
  intersect financial experince , strategy and technology,
by acting as a bridge between popular trade platforms/ smart traders and exchanges/markets.

it aims to equalize the conditions and oppurtinies in the favor of  investors
who has a daily life going on but doesnt have enough time to follow his/her investments as professional investors do
by prodiving equal oppurtunity of fast access and reaction to market movements.

it aims to deduce the effect of pshcology  during sudden market moves providing automated tools and technical data
it aims  Equality of opportunity for investors who doesnt have time and resources for competing with those who have.
it aims to speeds up gaining experince process by letting users see what experinced traders do.
it aims to reduces the chance factor in making profit,
it aims to increase the awareness factor in every trade in technical manners.

in CryptoStratium  investors 
* can share trade methods 
* learn/teach new methods of trading 
* observe each others strategies
* optimize old strategies
* gain awareness of new approaches to trading
* find new invesment oppurtunities
* get their portfolio managed remotely

-without spending hours infront of screens
-without reading hundreds of books
-without following hundreds of financial experts
-without listening to confusing comments about markets&exchanges
-without spending lots of money on bad strategies
-without being bullied by mercyless traders

not by words but by trade signals 

by allowing users
* acting as a pack
* forming collective strategies
* sharing methods and information
* run simulations and backtests
* compare strategies
* apply their strategies 

users can

* use ai module to react without even looking at market data 
* use scenarios to create their own strategy image and share it if they want to
* use  other traders scenarios if they are shared

as fast as those in financial centers while even driving taxi 

so that they can also benefit from financial markets by becoming confident investors.